To reserve a puppy you must fill out a "Puppy request form" and make a deposit.  The deposit to hold your puppy is $100.00 (non refundable), which will be deducted off of the total price of the puppy.  The deposit determines the picking order for each litter, first deposit for a specific sex and color is first pick of that sex and color in that litter and so on. 
 We reserve the right to first pick of any litter. If the sex or color pup is not available at time of whelping we will move your deposit to the litter of your choice. 
 At 8 weeks the choosing, taking home and paying balances happens all in the same day. The remaining balance on the puppies is due at that time in cash, money order, Venmo, Zelle, paypal or credit card with fee (failure to pay the balance on time can result in forfeit of the puppy).  Your puppy will come with a 24 month guarantee (please read our contract). Sex, Color and temperament are not guaranteed.  Mother Nature has her own plan
If you would like to reserve a puppy please go the the "Reserve a puppy" page. We will respond with confirmation.

Please be aware that since these trying times labs as well as most other pets are in High demand.  So basically if you really want a quality lab please be patient.  It will happen.

Your puppy will go home with the following:

 Dewormings                              Current shots                            
                                                    AKC registration form
 Puppy packet                            Microchipped for your safety
                                                     Small Bag of Puppy food (Kirklands yellow                                                           bag for puppies)

           Puppy adoption prices as of 3/10/2022:
                    All colors and sexes - $1400 limited registration
                                                         $2500 Full registration

For the safety of the pups they cannot be seen by anyone until they are at least 5 weeks old.
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Current and Upcoming 2022 Litters
updated 5/24/2022

Process of Puppy Adoption
Audrey x KyloRen silver pups go home around February
 Current and Upcoming Litters

Our lists are by sex and color. If you want to be on a specific future litter please state that in the comments section of the "Puppy Request Form". Once pups are born we will put people on the litter list.
 Bryce x Jasper cream colored pups born 4/1/2022 (no foolin) go home 5/28/2022. ALL RESERVED.

Male:                                          Female:
1.L Turner                                   1. MHL
2.L Turner                                   2. A Hotchkins
3.J Jenks                                    3. S Kolbe
                                                   4. C Gafford
                                                   5. D Mensinger
                                                   6. D Mensinger

Bonnie x Peter white pups born 4/5/2022 and they go home 6/4/2022  ALL RESERVED.

Male:                                             Female:
1. K Pinney                                   1. MHL
2. S Ruch                                      2. D Reynolds
3. M Howerton                              3. B Kreiser
                                                     4.  B Kreiser                                             

Loretta x Ralphy silver and charcoal pups born 4/4/2022 go home 5/28/2022 ALL RESERVED

Male:                                          Female:
1.J&T Pearson  Charcoal          1. V Wells       Silver
2.S Buchanan   Charcoal          1. E Chin        Charcoal
1. K Mason        Silver                  
2. M Broam       Silver
3. M Kramer      Silver

Penelope x Kylo Ren silver and chocolate pups born 4/7/2022 go home 6/4/2022. A Chocolate girl and 2 Silver boys available to reserve.

Male:                                       Female:
1.N Silver          Chocolate    1. K Williams     Chocolate
2.K Amundsen  Chocolate     2.K Marshall     Chocolate
3.                      Silver            3.                       Chocolate
4.                      Silver 
Babs x Virgil Black and chocolate pups born 4/19/2022 and go home 6/11/2022. Chocolate male and females available.

Male:                                          Female:
1. M Disbrow   Black                  1. MHL                   Black
2.                     Chocolate           2. A Stackhouse    Black
                                                   3.                           Chocolate
                                                   4.                           Chocolate

Princess Leia X Inigo Chocolate pups born 4/25/2022 and go home 6/18/2022  Puppies available

Male:                                            Female:
1.                                                  1. MHL
2.                                                  2.
3.                                                  3.
4.                                                  4.
Hermione x Ron W. Fox Red pups born 4/23/2022 go home 6/18/2022. Males and females available.

Male:                                              Female:
1. Z&K Jones                                 1. T Humphreys
2.                                                    2. K Gullion
3.                                                    3.
Beru x Obi Wan silver pups born 4/26/2022 go home 6/25/2022. Puppies available.

Male:                                          Female:
1. J Voss                                    1. A Harker
2.                                                2. D Reynolds
3.                                                3. E McGraw
                                                   4. E McGraw

Gwen x Obi Wan silver pups born around 5/28/2022 and go home around mid July.

Male:                                          Female:
1.                                                1.
2.                                                2.
​3.                                                3.