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Mountain High Labradors
Purchase agreement and Health Guarantee

Sales Agreement
This agreement is being made between Mountain High Labradors and ___________________________________________ (Original Purchaser). In consideration of the purchase price of _________ Mountain High Labradors transfers all rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the male/female Labrador Retriever (Puppy) from the litter of _____________________________ born on ______________ directly to the above named Original Purchaser. Transfer of ownership of the Puppy takes place the day the Puppy leaves Mountain High Labradors and entitles the Original Purchaser to limited AKC registration. Full AKC registration may be requested for an additional fee, but is only granted at the discretion of Mountain High Labradors. 

Deposit and Picking order 
To reserve a puppy you must pay a $100- deposit that is non-refundable unless agreed upon by Mountain High Labradors. Your deposit date determines your picking rank (For example: If your deposit is the third deposit received for a chocolate female in a specific litter, your picking rank with be third for a chocolate female in that litter). You are only guaranteed that picking rank for the original litter you put the deposit on. If the litter has none or not enough of the color and sex you requested to fulfill your picking rank, you can either move to another litter or receive a refund of the deposit.

Please note the following exceptions:  
1.Breeder will have the option of first pick from any litter at its discretion and may choose to keep as many puppies as desired from any litter. Breeder’s pick takes priority over full registrations and limited registrations. 
2.Persons requesting full registration will have priority over persons receiving a limited registration. (For example: If your deposit is the 1st deposit received for a limited registration and the 2nd deposit received is for a full registration, the full registration will have 1st pick.)

Health Guarantee
Mountain High Labradors (“MHL”) guarantees to the Original Purchaser of the Puppy specified above to be free from all genetic/congenital defects or incurable non-genetic diseases for ten (10) days from the date of receipt of the Puppy by the Original Purchaser. It is highly suggested that the Original Purchaser have the Puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice within ten (10) days of possession. Any claims of genetic/congenital defects or incurable non-genetic diseases must be reported to MHL within ten (10) days of shipping, delivery or pickup. After the ten (10) days, Original Purchaser assumes all responsibility and liability for any genetic/congenital defects and/or all non-genetic diseases except as noted below.

Puppies determined to have a genetic/congenital defect or incurable non-genetic disease within said ten (10) days should be returned to MHL as soon as possible for a full refund of the purchase price. The Original Purchaser will be responsible for the transportation cost of shipping or returning the Puppy back to MHL. 

MHL does not guarantee the ability or suitability of a Puppy to reproduce or to be used for breeding. Puppies are not guaranteed for accidental injury, death, abuse or theft.

Hip Dysplasia, P.R.A., and Retinal Dysplasia
MHL guarantees to the Original Purchaser that the Puppy specified above to be free of all genetic diseases of the hips, elbows and eyes until twenty-six (26) months of age as long as the Puppy is continuously provided with NuVet Vitamins and they have been administered pursuant to the manufacturer’s directions. If the Puppy has not received NuVet Vitamins as directed, this guarantee is only valid for twelve (12) months of age. MHL does not guarantee your dog’s hips against any form of dysphasia attributed to non-genetic causes. In the event of the emergence of any genetic diseases of the hip, elbows or eyes diagnosed by a license veterinarian, Purchaser shall immediately notify MHL of such condition and diagnosis. MHL shall replace Puppy subject to the following:
1.MHL at their option, may require the Original Purchaser to forward all medical records, x-rays and other information relied upon for the diagnosis to MHL for a secondary opinion from a licensed veterinarian. MHL also has at their option to require the Puppy be examined by a second licensed veterinarian at MHL’s expense. Expenses for the initial diagnosis and shipping of all medical records to MHL is the responsibility of the Original Purchaser. 
2.In the event that both veterinarians arrive at the same diagnosis, the Puppy shall be replaced with a puppy of equal or comparable breeding. At its discretion, MHL has the option to give full refund of the purchase price of the Puppy. 
3.In the event that there are differing diagnoses, Original Purchaser may request a third examination by a licensed veterinarian agreeable to MHL. All expenses associated with the third examination are the responsibility of the Original Purchaser. The diagnosis of the third veterinarian will be binding.
4.The Puppy must be AKC registered to the Original Purchaser at the time of diagnosis. Failure to register the Puppy with the AKC shall result in termination of this contract.
5.Original Purchaser must provide documentation (ex. Receipts) of Puppy being fed quality feed that would meet their nutritional needs. 
6.In the event of death, a copy of the autopsy must be provided to MHL. 
7.If full registration is obtained on the Puppy, the Original Purchaser agrees to not breed the Puppy until she has reached a minimum of two (2) years of age. Failure to wait until two (2) years of age will void this guarantee.
8.In the event that the Puppy is not returned to MHL, the Original Purchaser agrees to provide proof that the Puppy has been spayed or neutered prior to replacement. 
9.All transportation charges for the replacement puppy are the responsibility of the Original Purchaser.
10.MHL health guarantee becomes null and void if we are not provided records of your dog being given adequate nutrition, de-worming and vaccinations for the first 24 months of his or her life.  

Once MHL has reviewed the documentation/information and has determined that an issue does exist, and that all terms of this guarantee have been met, MHL will replace the Puppy with a puppy of equal or comparable breeding. If the price of the replacement puppy is greater than the original puppy purchased, the Original Purchaser will pay the difference. The transportation expenses of the replacement puppy will be assumed by the Original Purchaser. The Original Purchaser will also keep the original Puppy.

Our mission at MHL is to breed genetically sound, healthy and happy Labradors.  
Genetics are only one component in raising a healthy sound lab. Another key component is nutrition. We strongly suggest that you as a lab owner feed quality feed that meets the requirements of a growing Labrador.